Our New (Still Itty Bitty) City Kitchen

I haven’t been posting a lot lately.

But that’s becuase I haven’t been cooking a lot lately.

We spent much of our summer closing on, doing work on and moving into our new apartment.

We’re still in the city.

And my kitchen is still Itty Bitty.

But it’s got a smarter layout and a few more cabinets. Yay storage.

Here it is actually.

I also was really excited to have more counter space.

Until I realized that the fancy hood over the stove meant there was no microwave/vent combo that i had grown used to.

Which meant that we’d have to put a microwave on the counter.

Which meant that I’d lose counter space.

But Dad to the rescue!!

He came up with this awesome idea to use all thread, some nuts and a shelf we had that actually matched the cabinets perfectly.

Holes drilled into the cabinet; holes drilled into the shelf, all thread and some time getting it all level, and voila!

Can’t wait to share with you from our new kitchen!

My Kitchen

So, I moved to the big beautiful city, with its bright lights and big dreams.

And I got ….


a tiny kitchen.

I’m luckier than most of my friends. I have a full-sized oven and refrigerator. And I have a dishwasher. Not my boyfriend, but an actual dishwasher!

But I’m lacking counter space- here’s my counter-


and the ever elusive storage.

I spend Saturday mornings with my coffee on the couch watching Ree Drummond and Paula Deen and Alex Guarnaschelli churn out mouth-watering meals, scrumptious snacks and tantalizing treats.

A sea of bowls and fresh produce and pans and fancy stand mixers and food processors line their counters and their granite islands.

I wrap my hands around my coffee, look at my kitchen and sigh.

No island. No room for a stand mixer. No room to roll out dough for dozens of cookies. No room to even put a bowl and a cookie sheet side-by-side.


Does this mean that sizzling casseroles of enchiladas, ooey gooey chocolate and caramel birthday cakes and simmering pots of stews filling the house with tantalizing smells will elude me until I can afford that upper west side brownstone or, worse, until I, gulp, succumb to the call of the suburbs where I could get more for my money?

My taste buds will not wait that long!

So, instead, I invite you into my tiny kitchen. It’s cozy. We’ll be fast friends.