Breakfast on the Fly

Good, good, goooood… good morning! ba ba ba abababa.

No I’m not this chipper in the morning. But that’s what I wake up to.

My alarm sings good morning.

Isn’t that so much better to wake up to than some high pitched beeping?

It makes me giggle before I’ve even opened my eyes.

So why am I setting an alarm on a Saturday?

Well, we have to head to Jersey for some family time. So it’s up and breakfast and coffee and out the door.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I can eat breakfast foods all day. Speaking of which, breakfast for dinner hasn’t happened in a while… hmm… maybe this week.

It doesn’t even have to be some fancy homemade breakfast to make me happy. I’m such a cereal junky. I could eat cereal all day. All day.

I love opening the cabinet, pulling out a box of cereal and transforming it. Transform cereal? Yup. Add some fruit or some chopped nuts. Change up your milk. A hint of coconut milk over otherwise boring bran flakes and you have a tropical start to your day. A sprinkle of cinnamon and some peaches over corn flakes and you have a peach cobblery start to your day.

This morning?

It’s summer and it’s berry season.

Blueberries and raspberries tumbled over some honey nut Cheerios. A tiny sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts for a nod to Italian flavors.


He, on the other hand, is the egg master. Check out those perfectly yellow, gooey yolks! Those red flecks? Armenian red pepper. Does it have a real name? Yes. Can I even begin to spell it or say it? No.

But any Middle Eastern food store would know what you mean. It’s spicy. And it gets spicier as you cook it. (I learned that the hard way the first time I added it to my lentil soup.)


It took us maybe ten minutes to brew coffee, make eggs and concoct a cereal blend. You have ten minutes in the morning. And if you don’t, it’s totally worth waking up a little earlier to have your breakfast at home, on your couch, instead of while walking to work or while sitting at your desk.

Try it!