1 Ingredient Vegan Banana Ice Cream

This is kind of life changing.

I mean, come on.

Did you read that title?

One Ingredient.


Ice Cream!

I can’t believe how good it is and how ridiculously easy it is.

All you need are some bananas, cut up and popped into the freezer for a few hours (or overnight).


Toss the frozen bananas into a food processor


And keep pulsing and scraping down the sides as needed.

You’ll get something that kind of resembles Dip n Dots. Do you remember Dip n Dots? Do they still make Dip N Dots? MMM… Oh wait. We’re talking about healthy foods this week.


When it reaches the point pictured above, dump into a tupperware container and give a stir with a spatula.

See that? Looks a lot like ice cream to me.


Pop a lid on and stash in the freezer or enjoy right away.

We may have topped ours with some pieces of chocolate…